Chaverim Kol Israel

The "Chaverim Kol Israel " program is a unique Halacha study program for every person from Am Israel that has basic knowledge and wants to learn Halaha Lemaase. Each of us wants to know how to answer the simple questions in everyday Halacha, for this purpose we have built a program that includes:

Ribit and Maaser

Taharat HaBait

Kosher kitchen laws

Yom Tov and Hol amoed

Chaguim: Pesah, Rosh Hashana, Kipur and Sucot, Hanuka and Purim

Tefila and Synagogue Halahot

Melachot Shabat

Duration: 18 months

At the end of the course, each of the participants will be given a "Teudat Chaver" certificate by the Rabbinical Center of Halaha studies ¨Darchei Horaa Lerabanim¨ from the City of Jerusalem.

The form of learning is in a virtual "study table" in which between 4 and 8 learners can participate in each group, the learners will receive daily lessons of 45 minutes, the lessons will be recorded and transmitted to the learners for the needs of those who are not present, also once a week a summary of the laws learned during this week and once a month there will be a study memory test.

The course is not conditional on previous halachic knowledge, but the institute may require a letter of recommendation from the Rabbi of the community or, alternatively, approval of Judaism.

ממליצים עלינו

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